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Journeys of Inspiration

Apr 27, 2020

Executive Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer, Amos Balongo takes you on a leadership journey for leaders making a difference.  Amos believes that every individual deserves to be equipped with effective leadership tools as they journey their way to success. He believes that leaders should constantly grow and learn to equip themselves with the skills necessary for leadership. Amos consults with companies, corporations, non-profit  organizations, and the United States Government equipping them with strategies to develop their leadership potential.


We are all passionate about something.  However, being passionate about something is not enough.  One has to know the intensity of that passion.  It is in knowing how much you desire something that can lead us to success, to making the passion a dream, and that dream a reality.   


Passion is the starting point of all our achievements.  We continually pursue what we are doing because in addition to loving what we do, we also want to achieve worthy goals.  Passion pulls us up,  enabling us to overcome adversity.

Amos Balongo shares with us a secret tool that he has been using through the years - the Passion Thermometer.  This is a tool that will help you see where you are in terms  of what you are passionate about.  Your passion thermometer will guide you  to set your  priorities for a more meaningful and successful journey towards achieving your goals.

“Passion is a starting point for all achievements.

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