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Journeys of Inspiration

May 22, 2020

Executive Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer, Amos Balongo takes you on a leadership journey for leaders making a difference.  Amos believes that every individual deserves to be equipped with effective leadership tools as they journey their way to success. He believes that leaders should constantly grow and learn to equip themselves with the skills necessary for leadership. Amos consults with companies, corporations, non-profit  organizations, and the United States Government equipping them with strategies to develop their leadership potential.


The greatest comfort anyone can have is knowing that at any time, there will always be someone or somewhere or something to turn to in times of need. This provides a feeling of peace and comfort knowing that under any circumstance, should the tides turn against you, you  have someone or something that will comfort you and help you find peace amidst chaos.  This is  “dependable.”


Peace of mind is what you will get if you know that under any circumstance, you can count on something or someone from time to time. It is always there whenever you need it.  Dependable is the key.   Even the most independent people seek dependency.  If you have someone or something dependable in your life, you will be delivered to a new space of relaxation, serenity and steadfast faith.

“The magic of dependability in our lives is vital to the stability of the mind”

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