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Journeys of Inspiration

May 1, 2020

Executive Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer, Amos Balongo takes you on a leadership journey for leaders making a difference.  Amos believes that every individual deserves to be equipped with effective leadership tools as they journey their way to success. He believes that leaders should constantly grow and learn to equip themselves with the skills necessary for leadership. Amos consults with companies, corporations, non-profit  organizations, and the United States Government equipping them with strategies to develop their leadership potential.


What is your true character?  How well do you know yourself?  Character is who we really are.  Our character is formed from what we do and say.  It is foundational to our actions.  All our actions and what we say are built around character. It is our character traits that will help us build for a better future.


The true test to a person’s character is revealed when he is faced with a crisis. If his character is built on a strong foundation, when crisis comes, he will not fall but he will build.  He will use that crisis to emerge stronger and not be broken.  What matters is not what happens to us, but what happens in us, and that is character.  Trials and struggles will not harm us because we are bigger on the inside than on the outside.  In everything we say and do, ensure that all these will contribute to building a strong foundation for a better character, a better you. 

“It is not the crisis that makes or breaks us.  It is the crisis that reveals what kind of foundation upon which we are built.”

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