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Journeys of Inspiration

May 25, 2020

Executive Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer, Amos Balongo takes you on a leadership journey for leaders making a difference.  Amos believes that every individual deserves to be equipped with effective leadership tools as they journey their way to success. He believes that leaders should constantly grow and learn to equip themselves with the skills necessary for leadership. Amos consults with companies, corporations, non-profit  organizations, and the United States Government equipping them with strategies to develop their leadership potential.


Leaders are the ones with enough influence to make a change.  Great skill is required to make change happen.  There are two important factors to consider in working towards change - identify what needs to be changed and second are the people that will make the change happen.


Most people do not like change.  Change involves a lot of adjustments and veering from the usual environment.  However, change is inevitable.  It is always bound to happen because without change, there is no growth.   To effectively lead through change, you need to understand that change is continual and adapting a work in progress mindset towards change would keep you very open minded.

“Leading through change is about leading people.”

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