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Journeys of Inspiration

Apr 14, 2020

Executive Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer, Amos Balongo takes you on a leadership journey for leaders making a difference.  Amos believes that every individual deserves to be equipped with effective leadership tools as they journey their way to success. He believes that leaders should constantly grow and learn to equip themselves with the skills necessary for leadership. Amos consults with companies, corporations, non profit  organizations, and the United States Government equipping them with strategies to develop their leadership potential.


If there is one thing every person on this planet has access to, it  is “dreams.”  To dream is free, but the path to the fulfillment of that dream is the tough act to follow.  Most of the time the struggle is real, resulting in a person’s hopes and dreams dying during the journey.  Amos Balongo wants us to keep our dreams alive as he journeys with us towards the fulfillment of our field of dreams.


To dream does not simply mean staring at a blank wall and hoping and wishing for the stars to fall on your lap.  It entails hard work and a clear understanding of what exactly you are aiming for.  There are times when what we perceive to be our dreams, in reality, are not dreams.  Our failure to clearly identify our dreams leads to our dreams vanishing in thin air.  In this podcast, Amos Balongo identifies the common pitfalls that prevent us from identifying our dreams. He also shares some tips and tools on how we can identify our dreams. It is imperative that we see our dreams in order to achieve them.  We need to have a clear vision of where we want to go in order to get there.    

“ A dream is a very clear vision of the future that energizes your mind and inspires you to do everything you can to achieve it.”


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